Quigley's Corner

Friday, April 19th - 5:14pm
RT @DRFInsidePost: Santa Anita announced Friday that purses will increase $10,000 for all non-stakes races for a six-week period beginning?
Friday, April 19th - 4:56pm
20 cent Rainbow P6 Jackpot Single Ticket c/o for Saturday is $123K.
Friday, April 19th - 4:43pm
Time for an 'anti-tweet' (runner I did not like in the paddock) for R8: #1. Good night and good luck.
Friday, April 19th - 4:04pm
877 P6 'combos' alive with two races remaining: https://t.co/7OdMFuxmdN
Friday, April 19th - 2:50pm
50 cent early P5 probable payouts @santaanitapark range from $130 (#7) to $5,782 (#6).
Friday, April 19th - 12:54pm
The 'Good Friday' celebration starts with the 50 cent early P5, which has a pool of $115K with 6 MTP. Paddock selections are #6 and #7.
Friday, April 19th - 11:18am
RT @TampaBayDownsFL: Too much rain, too much lightning, too much Mother Nature. ... for the safety of the horses, our horsemen, our jockeys?
Friday, April 19th - 10:38am
RT @ScatoniSureShot: Two competitive turf routes help make up today's LATE PICK 4 @santaanitapark, so let's start this 3-day race week off?
Friday, April 19th - 7:04am
#Reminder #Today https://t.co/Yj9Ixh4C7T
Friday, April 19th - 7:03am
Weather forecast for 3-day racing week @santaanitapark: https://t.co/JsNNnOpPAn
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