Quigley's Corner

Friday, May 14th - 5:02pm
Multiple P6 winning tickets today (each 20 cent ticket paid $2,343), so the Jackpot Single Ticket c/o for Saturday is $491K.
Friday, May 14th - 5:01pm
$5 Golden Hour DD and $1 Golden Hour P4 probable payouts: https://t.co/UiiTZIUvKw
Friday, May 14th - 4:50pm
$5 Golden Hour DD wagering (pool is $27K with 2 MTP) combines R8 @santaanitapark with R8 @GGFracing. Paddock select? https://t.co/6HEEZBWTBY
Friday, May 14th - 4:34pm
50 cent late P5 and 20 cent Rainbow P6 probable payouts. Note if #3 wins, she would trigger the Jackpot Single Tick? https://t.co/bBNo347omB
Friday, May 14th - 4:30pm
ICYMI, results for the $1 Stronach 5 today: - Pool was $136K - Three winning tickets each paid $40,140? https://t.co/p3TbTyfa6u
Friday, May 14th - 4:14pm
5,465 P6 'combos' alive with two races remaining.
Friday, May 14th - 3:12pm
Paddock pick in R5 (which starts the 50 cent late P4 that has a pool of $133K with 4 MTP) is #4.
Friday, May 14th - 12:47pm
RT @SAPublicity: Santa Anita Stable Notes Friday, May 14, 2021 @santaanitapark https://t.co/8AHxSuB06c
Friday, May 14th - 11:22am
RT @SAPublicity: Today?s Scratches and Changes as of 10:30 am @santaanitapark https://t.co/LRWefeyanr
Friday, May 14th - 11:19am
RT @ScatoniSureShot: Eight-race cards at both @santaanitapark & @GGFracing to kick off the race week[end]. Got a couple of 6/1 m/l shots th?
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