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Wednesday, August 10th - 1:30pm
Happy Birthday @mikeesmith10! #Arrogate #Azeri #Drosselmeyer #Giacomo #HolyBull #Justify #Lure #Mizdirection? https://t.co/cBHhoRIwCr
Wednesday, August 10th - 1:56am
Beautiful evening in San Diego for a @MLB game @PetcoPark! #EnemyTerritory https://t.co/nWe9rmI5L5
Tuesday, August 9th - 6:53pm
RT @maryperdue: 8/9/82: 40 yrs ago today, Wm. Leggett in @SInow called Landaluce "the most exciting race horse in the world" after her 21-l?
Monday, August 8th - 3:44pm
50 cent P5 payouts (& pools) Week #3 @DelMarRacing: Thursday, 8/4 Early $3,289 ($760K) Late $3,893 ($580K) Friday? https://t.co/XQLgAmGd7h
Monday, August 8th - 3:36pm
Trainer standings after Week #3 @DelMarRacing: https://t.co/4KHilgwoNc
Monday, August 8th - 3:36pm
Jockey standings after Week #3 @DelMarRacing: https://t.co/if3BJBC2A2
Monday, August 8th - 3:27pm
Entries for Day #13 (Friday, 8/12) @DelMarRacing have been drawn. Post time for the eight-race card (featuring 72 r? https://t.co/YOQ7jGTfAh
Monday, August 8th - 3:06am
Monday, August 8th - 2:17am
Multiple winning P6 tickets today (each 20 cent ticket paid $14K), so the Jackpot Single Ticket c/o for Thursday is $82K.
Monday, August 8th - 2:15am
Always great to hang out in Paradise with u, @DougESPN! Assist to @girldownstairs1 and @PhilBongiovanni for always? https://t.co/2hHcmxVVoq
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